Enroll in the B&L Propane Budget Plan or Pre-Buy Program

As we are sure you have noticed, fuel prices this past season quickly rose to record highs due to global unrest. Everyone, including us at B&L Oil and Propane is unsure of what fuel prices will look like next winter. However, we are excited to launch our Budget Plan. This plan is tailored to give you control over your fuel costs by splitting your bills into predictable, manageable payments.

Our Solution for You

B&L Oil and Propane now offers this Budget Plan to help you alleviate fuel costs and avoid market price spikes next winter. This plan gives you the advantage of stable fuel costs. For even greater value, we have included our service plan as part of your monthly payment which means you will never have to worry about unexpected service costs. Our new service plan goes above and beyond, covering every part of your heating system.

Budget Plan Benefits

  • Divides your fuel payments into small, predictable increments
  • Easily budgeted with other monthly bills, reducing winter payment strain
  • Low and locked-in propane price per gallon and volume discounts
  • Includes a service plan to reduce unexpected HVAC costs
  • Incorporates overdue balance on your account, if applicable

HVAC Service Is Included!

Our HVAC Service Plan, which is bundled into your budget payment, includes:

  • Complete system replacement
  • All-inclusive service and maintenance for total peace of mind
  • Annual heating system tune-up

Pre-Buy Program Details

If our Budget Plan doesn’t fit your needs, consider our Pre-Buy option. This plan gives you a $.15 per gallon discount and allows you to determine the total gallons you would like to purchase in advance for the upcoming heating season, guaranteeing that you pay a great rate for your yearly gallons. We’ll store the fuel for you and deliver it to your home as needed. Many families enjoy the freedom and flexibility this program provides for their budgets, especially when the holiday season rolls around.

Enroll in a Propane Budget Plan

Fill out the form below to enroll in a pricing program of your choice. If you have any questions (like how many estimated gallons to buy in advance, or what your current account balance is), please give our office a call at 207-935-2064 and chat with our highly trained customer service representatives before filling out this form.


  1. A minimum usage of 400 gallons is required. Enrollment in program is based on a first-come basis. All pricing offers are good while fuel supplies last.
  2. First payment must be received upon receipt of your signed contract; every additional payment is due on the first of the month. B&L Oil and Propane will consider payment as acceptance of this contract.
  3. Contract period is through April 30.
  4. Customer shall be on automatic delivery and will remain on automatic delivery until customer cancels in writing or by email.
  5. In order to participate in this program, the balance of account must be current, or the balance of the account will be included in the budget plan payments, subject to the discretion of B&L Oil and Propane. All payment must be received within the first 15 days of the month to avoid a late fee. All payments must be up to date within a 30-day grace period, or this contract is null and void.
  6. All non-budget balances must be current. B&L Oil and Propane estimates all usage based on a three-year history or any history that is available to us. If a customer exceeds the estimated number of gallons, B&L Oil and Propane reserves the right to adjust the customer’s payment.
  7. Customer shall provide safe access to the house and propane tanks, including but not limited to removal of ice and snow. B&L Oil and Propane reserves the right to charge the customer for wrecker charges should we need to be towed.
  8. At the end of this contract, we reserve the right, if more than 25% of the estimated gallons remain unused, to assess a liquidation damage charge. The charge will be the difference between the contract propane price and the cash price as of the final date of the contract.
  9. Any credit balance remaining on the account at the end of the contract period will be left on account toward future purchases.
  10. Service included is the HVAC Service Plan ($399). See plan terms and conditions within the B&L Oil and Propane Service Plan brochure on bandloil.com.
  11. All customers have the right to opt out of this contract; however, with the denial of this contract, B&L Oil and Propane reserves the right to reassess and change all credit terms given to a customer. B&L Oil and Propane reserves the right to run a new credit report for all customers choosing to opt out of this plan.
  12. Due to the inherent volatility of the heating market, termination of contract prior to the conclusion of the contract period will be subject to a liquidation damage charge. The charge will be the difference between the contract propane price and the cash price or the cash price minus contract price at the time of termination(s) multiplied by the remaining unused gallons.