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Stovetop Burner Powered by Propane from B&L Oil and Propane in Fryeburg, ME

Fuel Delivery  to Homes and Businesses

Delivery is provided through Will Call or Automatic Delivery

If you set up automatic delivery B & L Oil and Propane Company will forecast when you need a propane delivery based on a degree day system, your average usage each season, as well as weather conditions. We do this to calculate automatic delivery to prevent you from ever running out of propane. If you are set up on automatic delivery for propane, remember to let us know if you have any household changes, such as additional living space, or household members, installation of supplement heat, such as a pellet stove or burning wood. Changes to your household could impact your delivery needs.

If you are not set up on automatic delivery it is your responsibility to monitor your heating system to avoid potential damage due to loss of heat. It is also the owner or renters responsibility to provide safe access to the fill pipe or tank and the heating system.

B & L Oil hires local trained experts to deliver heating oil and provide maintenance and repair service when you need it. Your home and business depend on a reliable oil and gas company to keep you safe and up and running when it is freezing outside. When winter temperatures arrive we will make sure you are ready to battle the storms with maintenance and fuel oil.

Delivery of K1, fuel oil, propane, off road diesel and on road diesel and propane.

When we are in your area or on delivery day we can deliver as little as 100 gallons.

In addition to K1 and heating oil we also deliver bio-fuel. 

Check out our Budget Plans, Price Protection Plans and Prompt Efficient Service and Delivery.

Most federal and state plans are acceped along with special discounts for senior citizens and military.